Sue Bentley
I'm honored you're here.



“Never Compromise” ... Those exact words have been and continue to be our advice to the thousands of families I have enjoyed the privilege of serving over many years.

Perhaps growing up in the construction industry shaped my demand for quality in everything we do, even that which may never be seen.  Maybe it was my experience at regulatory levels as a Designated Broker and Owner of Coldwell Banker Bentley that illuminated the true impact buying or selling a home has on people’s lives.  Regardless, never compromising is more than my recommendation for our clients… it is the philosophy by which we manage every facet of the Sue Bentley Team… because the quality and character of our business is absolutely your business. 


We are truly honored by the numerous awards, accolades and recognition bestowed upon us… but that is not what motivates us.  Our goal is your complete and continued satisfaction from our first interaction, in perpetuity.  We pride ourselves on providing you an impeccable, stress-free experience by earning your confidence… at every step.

Successfully mitigating the inherently complex transactions of buying or selling your home, although important, is only a very small portion of my commitment to you.  Correctly choosing who will represent your interests is critical. 



In the early 1990s, I launched my real estate career with the Phoenix Association of Realtors (PAR). At that time, MLS listings were recorded in books and our sole computer was housed in a large room equipped with its own air conditioner. The PAR existed to both resolve disputes and address ethics complaints. Working in this capacity allowed me to closely observe the financial and emotional harm visited upon hard working people due to rank negligence within the profession. Witnessing this aspect of the industry firsthand compelled me to shape my own business around the principles of integrity, transparency, and diligence. For that much I am grateful.

After parting ways with the PAR, I went on to successfully oversee the management and sales efforts of three realty offices belonging to a nationally prominent franchise. Soon thereafter, I opened a boutique brokerage of my own in the heart of Ahwatukee and subsequently launched the Bentley Real Estate Group in 1999. The sterling reputation and sizable market share I would ultimately achieve (while continuing to sell as a Realtor) remains for me a source of tremendous pride. 

Having spent decades mastering the ins and out of this business, and having sold thousands of homes during that time, I am a uniquely capable seller advocate, an expert negotiator, and a knowledgeable resource. Furthermore, my team utilizes an aggressive, comprehensive, and savvy strategy in marketing new listings and maintains close contact with the sellers throughout this process. I have long held that my clients deserve transparency of that sort.

Whether you are looking to list your home or simply have questions about the larger real estate market, feel welcome to contact me directly by telephone or e-mail. I am happy to be of help and service in any way I'm able.