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The only constant is change.

Corporate mergers, reorganizations, and job promotions fuel the need for companies to move employees from one location to another, around the country or the world.

With dual careers, school-age children, and multigenerational households, moving can impact more than just the transferee. The increasing complexity of moving employees has helped fuel the growth of third-party relocation companies. Relocation companies’ experience in handling the logistical and financial aspects of moving an employee make them an integral part of the employer’s human resource team.


Change brings stress. 

Imagine you have been promoted to a new position in a far-away city. For the transition, you have to retain your current job responsibilities in your current city as well as take on new ones; find a home in your new city and sell your current one; and commute weekly between your old and new city. While you’re working in your new city during the business week, you’re living in a hotel room or studio apartment. Your spouse or partner has a great job he or she really doesn’t want to leave, and your kids love their friends and schools. The new job is a good step professionally, but you’re not excited about moving to the new city. These factors all play a role in a transferee’s mind and can create stress for transferees and their families.

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As Professional Real Estate practitioners, we play an integral part of a transferee’s move. 

While the transferee will have relocation coordinators who counsel and coordinate the transferee’s move by e-mail or telephone, we will most likely be the only person involved with whom the transferee will interact with in person. Educating the transferee about our community, real estate market, and schools is the most important benefit we bring to the relocation client. By helping them to transition smoothly into their new communities, we can make the entire experience a little less stressful for transferees.

Relocation requires special knowledge and documentation. 

Most relocation and brokerage companies request that we complete training in relocation procedures, policies, and administration. We understand the relocation chain of command, required relocation documents, and how to interact with transferees and relocation coordinators. We will complete paperwork, as relocation requires another level of records than your typical real estate transaction.​

​We understand Relocation.

Sue Bentley has been assisting corporations to move their employees for over 20 years. Relocation is stressful, our highly trained relocation and real estate professionals are here to help. We are your one-stop relocation solutions resource center.

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