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Sue Bentley Marketing Approach

Home Value Assessment
Quality Listing
Targeted Advertising
Realtor Attraction
Favorable Home Value: Excellent Pricing

With most home listings, pricing is determined by several factors, many of which extend beyond the walls of the home itself. A standard home appraisal, which we will arrange on your behalf, is essential to determining your home's baseline value. The Bentley Team analyzes local market trends and overall inventory/listing numbers when zeroing in on a fair and viable price. Drawing heavily on global reporting resources to which our brokerage has direct access, we perform a deep Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine your property's most competitive price.

Remember: Pricing your home accurately is essential to driving buyer interest. The Sue Bentley Team is committed to getting you top-dollar for your property while determining what price-point the market will most likely respond to. The quality and condition of a home is hugely significant from a pricing standpoint, but so are considerations such as 1) Location, 2) The Economy, 3) Neighboring Home Prices, 4) Buyer Expectation. Our expertise is in positioning your home's listing perfectly within the marketplace, keeping all variables in mind throughout the process. 

Creating an Attractive Listing

The Sue Bentley Team has long experience in generating distinctive property listings. The importance of this piece cannot be overstated. In order to effectively differentiate your home from hundreds of other properties potential buyers are likely to view online, considerable effort and expertise must be employed to produce compelling imagery, content, and ultimately a call to action.

This is where Sue Bentley truly sets herself apart from the competition.

In addition to providing hands-on oversight of the photography and home-staging process, Sue actively manages the creation of well-written, enticing content in order to attractively showcase your home's best features and amenities. Once all imagery and content pieces meet the high Bentley Team standard, they are expertly packaged together then broadcast across the digital media landscape, and elsewhere via direct mail.

Below is an overview of the social media and online venues in which you can expect your property listing to appear:

-Multiple Listing Service: Featured Property







*Additional Outreach Measures*


-Flyers, Postcards, Direct Mailers

Market Research + Targeted Advertising

Know the market in which you are listing your home--this is a cornerstone of Sue Bentley's successful sales strategy. Drawing heavily on the enormous data resources available to her via brokerage affiliation, Sue stays highly informed on the real estate market, both locally and nationally. Doing so allows her to educate you, her client, by providing broader economic context against which to measure your own listing circumstances.

With the most up-to-date information in hand, the Sue Bentley Team is able to craft a targeted advertisement/outreach campaign, thereby positioning your listing in front of hundreds of potential buyers. Because these campaigns are engineered with local demographic/economic data in mind, they are likely to reach a relevant market segment.

Realtor Attraction + Engagement




The real estate industry is driven to an enormous extent by Realtors presenting buyers with suitable properties, of course. Sue Bentley routinely leverages her large Realtor network in order to quickly move homes into the "Sold" column.

And because we don't want to rely on Realtors coming across your listing by chance, we present it to them--DIRECTLY.

Yes, you read that correctly. Our handsome listing flyers, which feature expertly captured property photographs, are directed to the personal e-mail addresses of over 22,000 real estate agents. This extraordinary marketing measure ensures your listings will be viewed by industry professionals who are always on the lookout for attractive properties.

Lastly, our electronic listing flyers invariably feature an active MLS link along with the Sue Bentley Team's direct contact information. This added convenience increases greatly our likelihood of making contact with an interested buyer agent.

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