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It was a full October this year, and I wanted to share this little creation as a sort of reminder to myself of all the clients, family members, and excellent industry partners who helped make this a busy and enjoyable month. My clients are often an unseen part of my business, but they are important to me and deserve to know as much. This past month, they included a military chaplain who is returning to active duty, a skilled cardiologist, and an extremely sought after ophthalmologist. It was a privilege to do good work for such noble contributors to our society, and I am honored to pay them mention here. 


I've been doing things like this for a while, but have never made any of it public.


In short, my husband's new shop is up and running, I had a few Andes mints here and there, and we received some exciting family news (a little boy and a little girl on the way). Oh, and some of you may recognize Moose under the stool there. 

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