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  • I found myself under the weather for most of the month. I survived... What doesn't kill you makes your stronger, am I right?


  • Moose had a growth spurt. It seemed like he nearly DOUBLED in size!

  • I am grateful for my wonderful clients this month. It is always an honor to get to know them and their families.

  • I started shopping for Christmas decorations a little early this year.

  • Pass the Pigs! Who will win the "Oink Bowl?" You'll have to land more than a few "Snouters" if you want to take home that TROPHY.

  • Hungry? Espos Authentic Mexican and St. Francis NEVER fail to disappoint my taste buds.

  • Thanksgiving with Family - My niece Lauren's energy and her passion for cooking is inspiring. I am especially impressed that she is wearing a glamorous apron- she manages to look chick and comfortable.


  • Welcome to the team, Chuck Canli and James Hernandez. I am excited to begin this journey with them.

  • We were thrilled to learn that the "little boy" is actually a little girl - modern medicine, hell we all make mistakes.

  • Tell me you saw the 6-year old girl and her long-haired chihuahua on the 2017 National Dog Show? How CUTE was that??

  • DogWash Stations are a growing trend for home additions and upgrades. Your dog and your floors will love it!

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